A few weeks back, I was clicking through some of my favorite design blogs and found myself purchasing tickets to DesignLoveFest's Floral Workshop. Hosted by DesignLoveFest & MoonCanyon,
the workshop was a perfect way to jumpstart into practicing/playing with flower design for our blog. The event was so charming - filled with beautiful stems, delicious savories and a mimosa bar to top things off! I highly recommend participating if you're looking to change up your weekend routine.

We started with an empty vase and filler greens like Sage and Geranium. The greens created a really lovely background for the large dahlias we eventually used.

Next we placed three deep red dahlias into the vase, keeping them lower and to either side. Three stems instead of two or four, are a great way to build balance in any arrangement. 

After the dahlias, we added some fuchsia and lilac colored stems to add height and create movement. 

We finished by adding a few more extra large, fuchsia dahlias. To complement the large flowers, we added aspidistra and fern. I love how all the colors came together. I've never made such a full, unique arrangement. And who wouldn't want to kick off their weekend creating a beautiful vase of fresh flowers? 

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