Every 4th of July, my family gathers at our favorite relaxation destination: Lake Wisconsin. We fill up on homerun derby, cornhole, wakeboarding, home cookin' and my favorite beer found only in Wisconsin, spotted cow.

A and I had a chance to whip up some really delicious treats over the weekend and decided we'd take a stab at putting together a flower arrangement from the stems found in our mom's garden. Unfortunately, the midwest has a pretty temperamental summer. Some days will be scorching, some humid and some stormy. The weekend's weather left us and the garden a bit wilted but we still pulled off a fun, unique arrangement.

We gathered the best we could find: some pink cone flowers, yellow garden roses, yellow lilies and some herbs.

We found a vintage glass to hold the arrangement, keeping the bright vibe in mind. There are lots of antique and thrift shops to sift through in the area. This glassware set was just one of the many gems my mom found for the lakehouse.

The arrangement only lasted a few days but it was a great way to add some color to an already colorful weekend!

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