This recipe might be tough to execute without a juicer, but if you have one, it's the simplest, most refreshing juice I've ever had. Plus, juicing is a really easy way to get all of your fruits and veggies! Especially those vegetables you don't really like to eat- just juice them with fruit you do like to eat and you've got yourself a treat! This Omega low speed masticating juicer processes the fruit and vegetables at a lower speed that most other juicers, which allows you to use leafy greens. These low speed juices are also beneficial over high speed juicers because the method of juice extraction doesn't degrade enzymes that are important for our health and the juice can be stored for up to 72 hours. This juicer can even make nut butters and grind coffee! We've tried all kinds of juices with it, but I found that one of my favorites was the juice with the fewest ingredients: carrots and ginger. A little ginger goes a long way, and I mean, a really long way, so don't get to trigger happy putting in lots of ginger until you know you like your carrot juice spicy!

fresh carrot and ginger juice

To make one, 6 oz. glass of juice, I used:

8 4-6" organic carrots
1/2" ginger

The ginger was definitely strong and spicy, so if you aren't sure about how much you can handle, start with an even smaller amount of ginger, or use more carrots and make enough juice to share!

Here are some other great ideas for vegetables, fruits, and herbs to try juicing with!
apples. beets. cabbage. celery. cilantro. cranberries. cucumbers. kale. lime. parsley. pinapple. tomatoes. spinach. 

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