We woke up this morning to a dense fog in Southern California. And while we can't complain about the weather here (Ever. Not once. It would be a crime.), we do enjoy the rare days when mother nature mixes things up. We used the misty morning as inspiration for a dark photoshoot of some stems we picked out and played with over the weekend.

For this arrangement, we found deep red ranunculus and white hydrangeas. We've actually never paired the two together before but wanted to spend some time exploring different shapes in the vase, finding ways to create balance and movement.

We placed the hydrangea in the vase first, leaning to the right side. Hydrangea's are very top-heavy, so right away it attracts the eye.

We then placed the ranunculus stem by stem - all varying in height - into the vase. We wanted to create some balance by leaning the majority of the stems to the left.

A lovely winter floral arrangement. The colors and shapes give us a warm romantic feeling, perfect for cuddling up on this dreary day.

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