Last summer my mom and dad each asked me if I wanted lavender in my garden and offered me the opportunity to transplant some of their plants. I dug out some of my dad's lavender first, wrapped the roots in a wet paper towel and covered the towel with a plastic bag so that the roots would stay moist. I had planned on changing the towel multiple times before I headed back to St. Paul, but completely forgot and left the plant to dry out to a crisp in my trunk. Sad, yes, but it actually turned out alright because the lavender dried in the most beautiful orientation I could have possibly imagined. Fortunately, since my mom had also offered me some of her plant as well, I was able to still bring back some live lavender for my garden, but I also brought back the dried lavender.

At first I was unsure of what to do with it. It was too beautiful to just throw away! But it was messy, of course, with all of the petals shaking off whenever you touched it. I ended up hanging it on our living room wall and it was PERFECT! I got so many compliments on it, too! It reminds me of something you'd see at Anthropologie.

Recently we've had some housemates move in and out and all around and we ended up needing to move some furniture around. So, the wall space that the lavender was on was now needed. Plus... it tended to get knocked down when we had people over and lose a lot of petals. So, I moved it to my room! And it still looks beautiful, so I wanted to share!

stems as wall decor

I think you could intentionally dry flowers like this too! Just arrange the flowers how you'd like while they are pliable, lay them out to dry in a safe space, and then hang on your wall! 

Spring is still far far away, but hanging this lavender in my room today made me really excited for it to come!

And this is what it looked like on our living room wall before most of the petals fell off! I think it's still beautiful as it is though:)

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