There are a lot of reasons to love leaving Minnesnowta in February. There are also a lot of reasons to love traveling to California! So, what better time to take a break from the -20 degree weather we've been experiencing this winter and visit a more clement climate? One of my favorite parts about traveling to California, regardless of the time of year, is all of the amazing food, made with the most fresh and flavorful ingredients. I decided that for this trip, I'd document my travels by photographing and posting the food I've been eating!

a food tour of the bay

/day 1/

seasons restaurant- davis

warm california olives & marcona almonds
        I have to admit that I'm not usually one to enjoy olives. BUT THESE WERE AMAZING! They were warm and not too salty and the olive oil and seasonings were delicious! The almonds were also toasted really nicely and extremely flavorful!

dungeness crab cake sliders with coleslaw and a butternut squash bisque
        It took my mom and I a while to decide what we wanted to order because literally everything on the menu sounded amazing! We decided to go the seafood route since we don't get much high-quality sea food in the midwest! These crab cakes were light and refreshing but still markedly flavorful- usually a tough balance to find in crab cakes! And the butternut squash bisque (with crème fraîche!) was so smooth! It was almost dessert-like!

blackened mahi mahi over romaine and roasted beets

        Wow. This was delicious. I always forget how much I love blackened fish until I eat it. And then I remember and can't stop thinking about it! This salad was great- really light and refreshing, but wholesome with the roasted beets and blackened fish. Also.. I've never had a grilled lemon before! How have I never grilled lemons before?! It was delicious! Note to self: grill lemons!

wildberry & almond crisp with lemon buttermilk ice cream

        We weren't going to have dessert since we were so satiated from our meal, but can anyone turn down lemon buttermilk ice cream? Definitely not when it's served over warm wildberry crisp.

fresca nouveau peruvian cuisine- noe valley, san francisco

ceviche trio- chifa, de coco, & mixto
        These were all absolutely fantastic. My family always makes fun of me for how well-done I like my meat, but if we're talking ceviche in San Francisco... I just can't possibly stick with my usual preferences. The ceviche chifa was composed of ahi tuna, soy sauce, crisp wontons, avocado, sesame seeds, peanuts, aji and lime; the de coco was ahi tuna, lime, coconut juice, rocoto (a few bites were reallllll hot!), green onions, and purple corn; and the mixto included halibut, calamari, shrimp, clam, scallops, cilantro, onion, rocoto, and lime juice. In the back left corner are some corn kernels- half are roasted with salt and the lighter ones were steamed (that's my guess anyways..) and sweet. Mmmmm I don't know if there are words.

tequeños; jalea mixta (oops- I was too engaged in tasting all of these appetizers and forgot to document these two!)

        I love cream cheese. I just can't help it! The tequeños were crispty wontons stuffed with crab and cream cheese, served with aji amarillo honey dipping sauce. I ate twice as many as everyone else:) And the jalea mixta was this beautiful (and, of course, delicious!) crimson huacatay remoulade over fried shrimp. They also gave us plantain crisps to eat with all of the appetizers and they served as a great means of consuming the leftover sauces! 

lomo saltado

        I have to admit: never have I ever eaten rice with french fries until this evening. Never have I ever even thought about eating rice with french fries. But this dish was amazing! Of course the feature was not the rice nor the french fries, rather the perfectly marinaded and wok-fried tenderloin steak strips and grilled tomato, but the combination of the steak, soy sauce, rice, fries, tomato, onion, and cilantro was possibly one of the best non-traditional food combination I have ever had. I would strongly strongly recommend it!

chocolate covered- noe valley, san francisco
        We couldn't go home without dessert! But rather than have something at fresca (though, I'm sure it would have been delicious!), we decided to stop at a chocolate shop on 24th street. This botique was amazing! They had every kind and combination of chocolate and chocolate items you could possibly imagine! I think my favorite is a bark made of dark chocolate-covered pistachios with spicy red pepper. No, I can't say I would every think to make that, but I will say that it is mighty tasty!

We also brought home a box of dark chocolate, salted caramels. So far we've only tried the balsamic vinegar variety, but based on how rich and creamy they were, I imagine the rest of the box will be just as pleasing! 

/conclude day 1/

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