a food tour of the bay

/day 2/

breakfast à la-made-it-myself- san francisco

two eggs over easy with Mt Tam triple cream cheese & basil
        I wasn't expecting this to be as delicious as it was, but I figured that I may as well post a recipe if I have the opportunity! This was super easy- it took all of five minutes to make! The cheese is from a local creamery and has a delicious butter flavor and luxuriously smooth texture and the basil was picked from our backyard:)

two large organic eggs
1 ounce Mt Tam triple cream cheese, Cowgirl Creamery
2 basil leaves

Heat a skillet over medium heat. Wet your hands with some tap water and flick the water off of your fingers onto the pan in order to determine when the pan is hot enough. When the water sizzles and evaporates completely, you're ready to go! Spray the pan with non-stick spray and crack two eggs over the pan, relatively close to each other so that their egg whites combine. Let sizzle and cook for about three minutes before flipping. Let cook on this side for about a minute before placing the cheese and basil leaves over one of the eggs, and folding the other egg over like you would with an omelet. Let the cheese melt over the heat for about another minute, then serve!

moshi moshi- mission bay, san francisco
        The theme of my meals for the rest of the day turned out to be Japanese. I knew we had dinner reservations for sushi already, so rather than having sushi twice in one day, I opted for ordering chicken teriyaki for lunch. I know that's kind of a cliché American dish to order, but I figured that I'm not very skilled with Japanese cooking, even though I love the flavors they use, and since I would be having seafood for dinner, I wanted to take the opportunity to enjoy a meal I can't really make for myself that I always wish I could!

zushi puzzle- cow hollow, san francisco
        Before I begin, I just want to give you a heads up on how many pictures of sushi you are about to see. A lot. And mind you, there were only three of us enjoying this meal... I'm just going to have to go ahead and list it!

Sake: Two bottles for the meal, but I don't think I can try to spell their names! Very light and refreshing though!

Miso soup: I had never had miso soup before! How? I'm really not sure.. we eat a lot of different foods in my family. But I really liked it! Especially the little squares of tofu! I might have to try making it soon:) Although, I already know that my broth won't even come close to comparing to the broth of this miso!

live scallop sushi: one of my favorites! The scallop was so buttery and light and the lemon on top added the perfect sour bite! Plus, the dipping sauce (excuse my poor knowledge of Japanese condiments) was a little sweeter, contrasting the sour lemon really nicely. I always ask to keep it on the table to dip my sushi and sashimi in later in the meal:) They also served the tentacles of the scallops as tempura! Yummmmm.

mighty masha & armadillo rolls: the mighty masha (my other favorite!) had shrimp tempura (I love the crisp center of this roll!) and avocado in seaweed paper topped with escolar and sriracha, and the armadillo roll had toro and avocado wrapped in soy paper and was also topped with escolar and sriracha. I know rolls are an American favorite and the authentic sashimi and sushi are coming up next, but the rolls are just so so so good I can't resist!

sashimi: Japanese butterfish, ocean trout, Italian toto, baby yellowtail, New Zealand salmon, wild yellowtail. I mentioned this yesterday, but I usually like my meat well done. So, I have to admit that it's a little difficult for me to begin eating sashimi when it is first put in front of me (and.. I will also admit that the only reason why I can stomach it is because we've been to this restaurant probably fifty times so I trust the chefs!), but once I eat my first piece (and add a little radish to each bite) I really enjoy it. I usually enjoy the less oily fish the most, so the yellowtail, for example, but all of them were delicious! We expected to enjoy the salmon the least since we have salmon more often than the other fish, but it turned out to really surprise us- it had almost a cinnamon flavor to it! 

yes, there's more! next up, sushi: halibut toro, bluefin toro, albacore toro, yellow tail, mackerel. This I enjoyed a bit more than the sashimi since there was rice in each bite and not just fish:)

udon noodles: somehow I had never had these before either! Both miso soup and udon noodles have been on my to-do list for a while now so I'm very glad to have crossed them off! However.. I've probably entered the miso/udon scene with very high standards based on my experience tonight!

alright, we're slowing down now. Well, I mean, we started slowing down after the rolls. I'll remind you that there were only three of us eating all of this! And.. maybe this is embarrassing.. maybe it's impressive... but we finished everything. Next was green tea ice cream (possibly the best ice cream I've ever had! It wasn't too sweet but perfectly flavorful!) and watermelon-raspberry sorbet (a perfect balance between sweet and sour) to end the meal. The chef tried to send us another little treat, but we'd already spent almost three hours at our table and the line was out the door... oh and our stomachs were about to burst... so we politely declined and made our way home. 

/conclude day 2/

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