The weather shifted from sunshine to storm clouds last weekend and while we loved the change (and let's be honest, California was in dire need of some rain showers) we felt the need to brighten up the house with some stems. We stopped by the local market and fell head over heels for the long stem selection : Tuberoses, Snapdragons, Ornamental Kale and more. We went for the rich, soft and romantic palette and got to work!

We started with the ornamental kale, a stem we haven't used before and absolutely love - not only for the unique look and purple to green gradient, but also because of the delicious smell. It's always best to build a base with greenery if you've got it. And these guys were the perfect filler.

We then added tuberoses and snapdragons. We kept the tuberose stems long and filled them around the kale. We cut the snapdragons shorter and placed around vase making sure there were no gaps or odd empty spaces. We're really happy with how it turned out! And the best part about these long stems? They typically last a bit longer than more delicate flowers - giving us something pretty to look at all week long!

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