Nothing goes better together than a delicious ice cream cone and a hot summer day. Unless of course you're lactose intolerant and in that case I'd recommend a bomb pop or homemade one of these. But back to my summer fling: ice cream. Preferably with sprinkles on top.

Now, I want to believe that an ice cream cone a day will keep the doctor at away. But that's just a silly school girl dream. The truth is, if you want to enjoy this chilly treat, you've got to enjoy in moderation OR test out a fun, healthier recipe.

I decided to go with the ladder (mostly because I used up my entire July ice cream quota before the 4th). Here is a super easy, super healthy, 2 ingredient recipe for homemade ice cream.

2 ingredient banana ice cream

2 ripe bananas, cut and frozen for at least 2 hours
1 tbsp carob powder

First cut the bananas into smaller pieces and place onto wax paper. Put on a plate and into your freezer for at least 2 hours.

Once frozen. Place banana into a food processor. Add 1 tbsp of carob powder (also great with 2 tbsp of peanut butter). Mix until smooth.

Use a spatula to scoop the "ice cream" out of the food processor. If you like your ice cream harder, put into bowl and back into freezer for 30 minutes. If you're happy with a soft serve consistency, put into bowl and top with your favorite summer fruits - and enjoy!

top image via this rad chick's instagram

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