Inspiration yes, but it's more than just that. I have such an admiration, appreciation, and maybe even obsession with this restaurant and farm. The problem: it's in the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. Maybe that's not a problem? I seriously could use it as an excuse to go back to Cabo, it's that amazing. Okay yes, for me, realistically, it's a problem because I'll likely never be able to eat there again. Perhaps that makes it all the more magical of an experience? I'm still going to post about it though because it is worth sharing! And if you ever do find yourself in Cabo, you must make your way there!

It's about a 15 minute drive outside of the city, but you feel like you're in a different world. Farms, dirt roads, driving by the light of your headlights and the moon kind of experience. You park in their gravel lot, walk between gardens on your left and rustic patio furniture on your right, and then enter this beautiful veranda, greeted by live music, lights strung above you, and vegetable gardens surrounding you.

You stop by the bar while you wait for your table and enjoy one of the most amazing cocktails you'll ever had. Refreshing, satisfying, and effective!

From left to right we have the Farm Julep-"refreshing watermelon water with basil, mint, and light bacardi rum", the Farmtini- "wild hibiscus infused cocktail with ice cold grey goose shaken and served up", the Perro Perdido- "ice cold grey goose vodka and grapefruit juice served in a flute on the rocks", and the Farmarita- the farms "fresh take on the classic." I don't think I can justly describe the quality and charm of these drinks! But I will say that at one point during dinner the entire table, all ten of us, ended up ordering the Farmtini because it was so phenomenal!

You could spend the whole night at the bar, right next to the live musician and the gardens, but the food is not to be missed either!

So, you make your way to your table and proceed to be awed by the menu. Such fresh and diverse ingredients, all grown on the mostly hand-worked farm without pesticides or genetically modified seeds, combine to produce an elegant and comprehensive menu.

They are well known for their creative wood-fired pizza, and I have to admit I was tempted to try one. However, we had all heard about the amazing bone-in pork chop so I felt compelled to stick with that choice. But first, the salads and appetizers! This is just a representative sampling (the Seasonal Salad- "field greens, raw seasonal vegetables, and a lemon vinaigrette, the Burrata- "house made with tapenade and bread", and the Arugula Salad- "marinated beets, crispy ricotta, and a lemon vinaigrette", from top right, clock-wise). I will say that the arugula salad may have been the best salad I have ever tasted!

Now for the real deal: the Pork Chop, Double Cut- "wood oven roasted, with roasted potatoes and tomato chutney." This is the most ambrosial meat I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy. But it's huge!! Just look at the size of it on that plate! Like the drinks, I won't be able to do this pork chop justice, but I will say that if you EVER are even CLOSE to this restaurant, you HAVE to go and you HAVE to get this pork chop!

Ahh I can still taste it. It's perfectly charred and tender, and ohhhh sooo flavorful. And, since it is cooked so tenderly and it is such a massive hunk of meat, you have a wonderful breakfast waiting for you in the morning (as you'll see in the next post!) We of course had dessert too, and it was amazing, but unfortunately I don't have pictures. Probably because I was so astounded by the perfect dining experience that all I could do was savor the moment. Except.. there is one more thing! They also had a fresh produce market and a little ice cream stand! Can you believe that it could get any better than what I've already described? Maybe all of this wasn't even real and I just dreamed up the most perfect evening?! Even going to the restroom was a beautiful experience, ha! You walk behind the restaurant, essentially to a stand alone outhouse (and there's a little climbing structure and slide for kids past that!), but this outhouse managed to be one of the nicest restrooms I've ever used! Remember when I said inspiration wasn't the only appropriate word for this post? Yep, I'm definitely obsessed. I'll post the next-day pork chop next but I'm sure I'll be experimenting a bit to recreate other aspects of the meal! I'll leave the pork chop itself to Flora Farm though! Here's the website if you want to check it out! Someday I'll find my way back there:)

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