I've been wanting to try grilled pizza for a while, but it wasn't until recently that I had a grill that I could use to make it. The key is to get the grill really hot- like those fancy 900 degree pizza ovens that are trending these days! Well.. not that hot, otherwise we'd have our own personal 900 degree oven ha, but same idea, right? Anyways, the crust on this pizza is AMAZING (I used the crust recipe I used for the eggplant pizza I posted back in April- I'm telling you, you have to try it, it's so easy!), and definitely similar to the texture those crazy expensive brick ovens will give you. Plus, the grill adds awesome flavor that you couldn't get from your oven. You have to work pretty quickly once you start grilling, but as long as you have everything ready to go, the pizza will be done sooner than it would be if you baked it in the oven! I chose to put olive oil, garlic, asiago, parmesan, and zucchini on mine for an end-of-summer white pizza, but you could use any sauce and toppings you want. Just recognize that less is more- too many toppings and your pizza won't have the crisp yet fluffy crust that the grill has the divine power to give it!

pizza on the grill

pizza dough, divided in half for two personal-sized pizzas 
2-4 tablespoons olive oil (you could also use olive oil to coat one side before grilling and use a pesto or red sauce for your topping!)
1/2-3/4 cup Asiago cheese
1/2-3/4 cup Parmesan cheese
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 zucchini
Sprig of rosemary
Tablespoon of thyme leaves

Prepare the pizza dough according to recipe directions. When the dough is ready for shaping, preheat your grill to it's highest heat setting. Roll each half of the dough into a 10" diameter circle. You can always more personal-sized pizzas and just make them smaller, but I think 10" is probably the largest you can make on the grill because you have to be able to put it on the grill without burning yourself and flip it half way through. Make sure to prepare everything before moving to the grill because you have to work pretty fast once you start! Shred the cheese using a fine grater and toss to combine. Mince the garlic and use a vegetable peeler to peel the zucchini into ribbons. I went outside to my garden at this point and picked some rosemary and thyme, but you're welcome to use store bought or any other herb/seasoning that sounds good to you! Ok. Now you're ready to move to the grill!

Once your grill has reached it's highest temperature, generously coat one side of each pizza dough with olive oil. Place each round on the grill, close it, and let it sit for about 3 minutes. The dough will likely puff up, almost like a pita, but don't worry, it'll flatten back out as soon as you flip it. Once char marks begin to appear on the bottom, flip the pizza dough and coat the other side of the pizza with olive oil (or you could use pesto or a red pizza sauce). I tried drizzling olive oil.. and I'd probably recommend painting it on with a oil brush instead haha because it started running off the pizza since it wasn't perfectly flat anymore. It still turned out fine though, so if drizzling is easier for you, go right ahead and drizzle! Then quickly sprinkle your cheese and garlic on the pizzas and top with the zucchini ribbons and fresh herbs. Let cook for about 2 more minutes until the cheese has melted and then serve warm!

Maybe this goes without saying.. but it might be a good idea to clean your grill if you haven't in a while.. our pizza dough was nearly on fire when we opened the lid to flip it because the remnants of past grilling fun had caught on fire!

See! There's the fire! We had to move our pizzas over to the other side but you'd probably want to keep them out front if possible so you don't burn yourself when you're adding the toppings!

It even looks good half eaten!!


We stopped by our local farmer's market this morning and were excited to see all of the delicious tomatoes ripe and ready to be eaten. The market was overflowing with the bright, beautiful colors of the heirloom, beefsteak and cherry tomatoes. We couldn't help but find a bundle of dahlias that fit right into the color scheme.

Wishing everyone a bright, fresh weekend ahead!


It's impossible to predict the weather across the country this time of year, but one thing is for sure... Southern California is living an endless summer. With temperatures in the 80's and rising, it's hard not to pretend that this summer might just last forever. In honor of the heat and sunshine, we opted for some bright and cheerful stems from the LA Flower Mart.

We've never been head over heels for sunflowers but when we saw this bright orange variety with the dark centers, we couldn't resist. We matched them with some tangerine colored Marigolds and bright pink Zinnias, creating a burst of color for all corners of the house!

Like most of our creations, we built the arrangements stem by stem. First placing all of the Zinnias in the vases, then adding the marigolds and finally placing the large sunflowers. We decided to keep a lot of the greenery from the stems to add some more volume.

The bold colors instantly brightened each room they were in and were the perfect accessory to dinner alfresco that night. If you aren't residing in a place that's 72 & sunny, try mixing and matching some bright stems for your living room. It will be an instant reminder of summer.


Alright, so I know we've been posting a lot of recipes with tomatoes and basil lately, but they are both such summer staples, and.. well, to be honest... I'm addicted. And when I say that, I'm not joking. I know it's probably not the most well-rounded diet, but I've pretty much exclusively eaten this salad and oatmeal for the last two weeks (well, until today, when I made the pizza that I'm about to post next!). It is just SO good. I've got the farmer's markets and their produce on a nice rotation so that I've always got fresh heirloom tomatoes (the little cherry heirlooms are awesome!) and a baguette on hand... I've got basil growing like crazy in the garden and a ton of goat cheese that I bought at Costco to work through before it goes bad, and since this salad is the only thing that sounds good these days and it is so simple and easy to make... it's just too perfect to not to eat every day twice a day. Call me crazy.. I probably am.

fresh panzanella

1 large heirloom tomato or a full handful of heirloom cherry tomatoes
5-6 fresh basil leaves
1 tablespoon high quality olive oil (it adds more flavor!)
1- 1 1/2 teaspoons crumbled goat cheese
sea salt for dusting
3 3/4" slices of baguette, diced into cubes

Alright.. this is so simple I don't even know if it's worth saying! Slice your tomatoes and basil leaves as you see fit, drizzle with olive oil, toss the goat cheese over it, and sprinkle with sea salt. Broil the diced baguette on a cookie sheet for about 3 minutes, or until the tips of the cubes turn golden brown. Toss into the salad and serve! That's all there is! But it is SO good!! The creamy goat cheese and toasted bread is a fun twist to a normal caprese salad! And it's easier to eat than bruschetta because you can just use your fork:)


We took a trip to the LA Flower Mart this past weekend with high expectations for fresh blooms, beautiful smells and a totally unique experience. Lucky for us, every part of the experience exceeded our expectations (even the traffic on the 110 was a breeze!)

Nestled in the heart of downtown, the LA Flower Mart is an open warehouse filled with fresh stems, vendors and every floral accessory you could imagine. We started by walking through the entire space, snapping pics of flowers we loved and possibly wanted to purchase. Because there are so many options in the mart, it's important to survey the area to make sure you are getting the best quality of flower at the best price.

We decided to go with some bright, end of summer stems and purchased three bundles for under $12! After purchasing our stems, we walked through a local farmers market and grabbed a coffee at a cute bakery near by. Overall, we highly recommend this adventure for a Saturday morning. Just make sure to head early (we go there around 9am) to get the best selection and beat the crowds!