We took a trip to the LA Flower Mart this past weekend with high expectations for fresh blooms, beautiful smells and a totally unique experience. Lucky for us, every part of the experience exceeded our expectations (even the traffic on the 110 was a breeze!)

Nestled in the heart of downtown, the LA Flower Mart is an open warehouse filled with fresh stems, vendors and every floral accessory you could imagine. We started by walking through the entire space, snapping pics of flowers we loved and possibly wanted to purchase. Because there are so many options in the mart, it's important to survey the area to make sure you are getting the best quality of flower at the best price.

We decided to go with some bright, end of summer stems and purchased three bundles for under $12! After purchasing our stems, we walked through a local farmers market and grabbed a coffee at a cute bakery near by. Overall, we highly recommend this adventure for a Saturday morning. Just make sure to head early (we go there around 9am) to get the best selection and beat the crowds!

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