This is definitely one of my summer favorites! And it's a HUGE crowd pleaser. Everyone seems so surprised when I say I've made a homemade ice cream cake. But honestly, for how easy this is to make, it's worth making at home! And you can customize it however you'd like to fit your tastes! Don't like coffee? Try chocolate or cookies and cream or moose tracks or literally whatever your ice cream loving heart desires! You can mix up the toppings too. Try Snickers or mini M&Ms or just some Oreo cookie dust?! No matter what you decide, everyone will love it! This recipe is just a place to start, and then you can let your creativity take care of the rest! But I will say that layering the caramel over the Oreo crust so that it can sort of seep in between the crumbs is the most impressive part!

caramel macchiato ice cream cake

24 oreos
1/4 cup butter, melted
1 jar Mrs. Richardson's Butterscotch Caramel (any caramel will do, but I find that this has the best flavor and consistency!)
1.5 quarts ice cream (I used a caramel swirl)
3 tablespoons coffee
1 jar Mrs. Richardson's Fudge
1 Heath bar

Pulse the oreos in a food processor until fine. Stir in the melted butter and pat into the bottom of a greased springform pan. Warm the butterscotch caramel in the microwave until it is easy to pour, then pour over the Oreo crust. Place this in the freezer for about 25 minutes. In the meantime, take your ice cream out of the freezer and let it melt until you can turn it out into a large mixing bowl. Add the coffee to the bowl of ice cream and mix every few minutes until the ice cream is melted enough to pour evenly over the Oreo and caramel layers. Pour the melted ice cream/coffee mixture over the crust, then return the cake to the freezer for about an hour (or overnight!). When the ice cream has set, warm the fudge in the microwave until it is easy to pour, then pour over the ice cream. Chop the Heath bar into small pieces and sprinkle over the fudge. Return to the freezer until you're ready to serve. When you're ready, just release the springform pan and carefully remove the cake from it's setting. Run warm water over a large knife for easy cutting, then serve and enjoy!

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