I think tomatillos might be one of the most beautiful fruits. With their diaphanous husks, tender green skin, and juicy interiors, what's not to admire? I've thought about experimenting with them for so long, why didn't I sooner?! I guess I was a little stubborn. I'd been eyeing a carton of them at the Farmer's market all summer, unwilling to make the purchase until I'd planned a proper use. I had seen them listed as ingredients in a variety of salsas and sauces at restaurants, but since I hadn't actually tried them before I wasn't sure what to make with them. A couple of weeks ago I tasted the most amazing roasted tomatillo dip and it was meant to be! I bought tomatillos that next morning at the farmers market and tried to recreate the dip. It's so simple and sooooo tasty. I had also never tried making homemade tortilla chips before and gave that a try. Also so simple and sooooo tasty. Give it a try!

roasted tomatillo dip

5 tomatillos
3 jalapeños
1 8 ounce block of cream cheese
1/2 t salt
6 corn tortillas

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. De-husk the tomatillos and place on a baking sheet with the jalapeños. Lightly coat with olive oil so that they don't stick to the pan, and then bake for 25 minutes until soft. Then turn on the broiler and broil for 3-5 minutes until nicely charred. Remove from the oven and let cool enough to touch, then cut off the stems of the jalapeños and place into a food processor. Slice the cream cheese block into smaller chunks and add to the processor. Add the salt, then pulse until smooth. Once smooth, transfer to a serving bowl. To make the tortilla chips, turn the oven on to 350 degrees. Cut each tortilla in half, and then cut each half in half again. Spread the tortillas out on a baking sheet in a single layer, spray lightly with cooking spray, sprinkle with salt, and then bake for 6 minutes. Once they start to turn golden brown and curl a bit, use tongs to turn them over. Then spray this side with a light coat of cooking spray, sprinkle with salt, and then bake for 6 more minutes. Serve right away with your yummy tomatillo dip!

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