Here's a sweet variation of a couple classic breakfast items: cinnamon rolls and waffles! But combined! You get the sweet, cinnamon swirls of cinnamon rolls, plus the great, crispy texture of waffles. What better way to start your Valentine's day than with these yummy treats?

cinnamon roll waffles

1/4 batch sweet dough, following the recipe through the rolling stage (or, you can make these waffles with any extra slices of the rolls that don't fit in the caramel-filled pans, like I did!)
top with whipped cream, pecans, syrup, any extra caramel left after inverting the pans when making our caramel roll recipe

Heat the waffle iron to its medium-high setting. Place one slice of cinnamon swirled sweet dough in the middle of the iron, close carefully, and let cook until golden brown. Remove from waffle iron and repeat until all rolls are cooked. Garnish with your desired garnishes and enjoy!

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