Our future SIL was practicing wedding stems over the weekend and built this beautiful spring colored bouquet. We are obsessed with the pale pink ranunculus and blush garden roses. The key to a great bouquet is making sure the stems vary in length so you can play around with the height of the different flowers. Looking forward to more sunshine and more of these stunning arrangements!


Sometime's it's the simplest things that make us the most happy. Today I spent about a solid minute (because that's seriously the most amount of time my children give me without screaming my name or needing me for something these days) just looking at the simple beauty of these purple carnations. I'm typically not a carnation girl... but these caught my eye and maybe changed my mind about the super simple carnation flower.


Hello stemsandsavories!! Happy 2017! Babies and moves and busy lives and stubbornness about photos without natural light in a new apartment have kept us away for way too long. But, the good news, is now we live in the same city so we're about to have so much fun with this! I figured we could start off 2017 with a DIY succulent planter!

It's so easy. And so beautiful! I ordered the glass planter on Amazon, bought three cute little succulents at Ace Hardware, and planted them all in 5 minutes?! Be gentle with the plants as you slip them into the planter, and make sure to dust them off after you've surrounded them with dirt! Succulents are very low maintenance and like dry soil, so just spritz with water every week or so and let them soak up the sun!